Welcome to the site of James McWilliam Burns breeder and exhibitor of Australian Grass Parrots.


My main stock at this moment are Bourke Parrots (Neopsephotus bourkii), Mulgas (Psephotus varius), and Red Rumped Parrots (Psephotus haematonotus).  I had at one point a fair sized stud of Splendid Parrots, but lost them at the end of 2013, and have decided not to restock with them, following years of frustration and continual losses.

I was at one point a Champion breeder and exhibitor of Budgerigars, but left the stress and strains of budgie politics behind me, and moved on to the more serene Australian grass parakeets, and now breed birds for their colour and natural beauty. 
I still mange to get out to a couple of show events each year, but again the emphasis is on fun, and letting the public see my birds. 
It is a joy to keep and breed these little parrots/parakeets, and with the exception of the budgies, the rest of them are very quiet and have a beautiful little warbling voice, which is lovely to listen to especially at dusk when the Bourkes come into their own.

Mobile: 07523052380
Email:  jmb@wightcablenorth.net 

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